Dirty Little Secrets About Content Marketing

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The vast majority of B2B marketers are developing content as part of their marketing mix. They must be….right? There is an exorbitant amount of information in regards to content marketing everywhere these days. If you do a search on google for “content marketing” you’ll get a billion search results. Yes a billion results, which is… Read more »

Should You Be Using Polls For Demand Gen?

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A study recently conducted by Corporate Visions polled more than 440 marketing and sales professionals. The study showed that the biggest problem marketers are facing is generating sales-ready leads. The study also showed that only 20% of marketers had confidence in the effectiveness of their B2B demand gen program. The remaining 80% pointed to a… Read more »

Who’s Managing Your Customer Experience?

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Do you know who is managing your customer experience? We promise we’re not trying to trick you.  Your customer experience is always changing and taking on new shapes. Recently Sirius Decisions asked over 200 companies that use a customer experience function, what goes into theirs. They were able to find that most organizations are able… Read more »