Do you have the right content marketing partner?

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To find the right content marketing partner, marketers need to analyze four critical areas when developing their content marketing plan.  Strategy Before you get your content marketing strategy off the ground you need a plan. But there are a few things you need to determine first. Who are attempting to reach? What are their pains?… Read more »

STOP the Pursuit of Marketing Perfection

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GE management has recently stated that they would rather spend $30 million to release an imperfect prototype of a new product and gather customer feedback, rather than spending $300 million for a completed product. This example shows a shift in focus from delivering a perfect offering to an emphasis on speed to market and ability… Read more »

3 Simple, But Often Missed, Demand Gen Tips

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Over the years the many challenges associated with Demand Generation haven’t changed much.  There have always been skilled sales people that just weren’t selling, but assumptively thinking that it was the market they were in. While hot markets will come and go, the skills to effectively generate the demand for your product remain the same…. Read more »