Building Personal Relationships: Why It Matters More in B2B Marketing

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  In most of today’s industries, top executives, marketers and salespeople alike view relationships as being central to hitting the big sales numbers. In fact, entire businesses have been built on the premise of helping other companies build strong connections with buyers and customers as well as manage those interactions better. (Think marketing agencies, CRM companies… Read more »

5 Characteristics of the Perfect Email Newsletter

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  An email newsletter for B2B marketing is a cost-effective way to market your business and establish yourself as a trusted industry leader. A newsletter helps you build your brand, stay on your customers’ radar, and increase sales. But here’s where the slope gets slippery: A poorly designed or convoluted email newsletter will only serve… Read more »

If you’re not retargeting, you’re losing money.

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  If you haven’t already taken your B2B marketing into the digital age, now’s the time. In fact, 67 percent of the B2B buying process happens online, making your digital marketing strategies of the utmost importance if you want to drive new business. What’s even more staggering, 98 percent of people visiting your web site… Read more »

3 Steps to Getting Started with Marketing Automation

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  Marketing automation can streamline your B2B marketing efforts, including email marketing, lead nurturing and reporting, but only if you have a marketing automation platform that aligns with your marketing strategy and you know how to use it. It sounds silly as I write it, but these are often the areas our clients struggle with… Read more »

B2B Marketing: How To Do It Right!

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When you’re a business that sells primarily to other businesses, you need to employ different marketing tactics than if you were selling to the average consumer. B2B marketing is targeted to specific industry niches and involves a much longer and more complex buying process. These basic techniques can help you connect with your business audience… Read more »