Measuring Success in Channel Marketing Programs

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  Channel marketing involves many moving parts. Taking a product from materials and manufacturing to distribution and sales involves numerous teams and steps. In addition, there are many companies partnering to form beneficial marketing channels, empowered to make deals and ultimately, sales on behalf of your company. As a result, it can be understandably difficult… Read more »

Demand Generation Challenges: Making the Most of Your Channel Programs

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  Generating demand for your products or services requires a multi-pronged approach. You must first raise awareness and recognition of your brand, which can be supported with an increase in marketing tactics. Ultimately, with repeat business and further exposure, your sales should improve quite noticeably. This all helps to shape a self-perpetuating cycle of expansion…. Read more »

It’s Marketing Planning Season: A Few Things to Consider for Your Next Marketing Plan

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  Summer isn’t quite over yet, but as a B2B marketer this is usually about the time I start working on next year’s marketing plan. Truth be told, I’m totally type-A and a planner by nature!  I like to start early so I have enough time to research new trends, analyze past results and understand goals being set… Read more »

3 KPIs Sales and Marketing Should Track Together

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  Guest Blogger Contribution by Peter Gracey, CEO of QuotaFactory For salespeople, the end of each quarter can be a stressful time unless the dominoes are falling in your company’s favor and your sales team is crushing it. Regardless, we can all agree that the pressure to hit quota is real, and the toll it can take… Read more »

What’s All the Hype About Predictive Analytics?

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  By now, most business owners are aware of sales and marketing automation software and how they can streamline the customer acquisition process. However, there’s still a major chasm between the two. Bridging that gap has long proved difficult, but that’s all supposed to change thanks to an emerging new technology: predictive analytics. Chances are that you’ve at least heard… Read more »