Event Marketing 101: Execute Marketing Events with Ease

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    Marketing events are a key part of an integrated marketing strategy. They can also be a challenging endeavor that requires collaboration and synergy across many of an organization’s skill disciplines and departments. A successful marketing event is a worthwhile investment that pays dividends on properly chosen goals that are aligned with the organization’s… Read more »

The Secret to Great B2B Marketing: The Content Marketing Audit

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Marketing in today’s world involves more than just writing a catchy slogan and having a memorable logo. Content is king in the digital realm, and sharing helpful knowledge and assets that have real value to your target audience across so many different channels can be an overwhelming. Which begs the question: How can I keep… Read more »

How to Correct Sales Pipeline Shortfalls With Demand Modeling

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  It’s easy enough for businesses to look back over past sales figures and see why pipeline shortfalls occurred. What is far more difficult is tracking efforts in real time in order to make corrections that will solve problems before they seriously impact earnings and undermine annual sales projections. The key to adjusting performance strategies… Read more »

10 Ways to Evaluate Channel Marketing Management (CMM) Platforms

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    Effective channel marketing management (CMM) requires channel teams to have a dedicated program and methodology designed to deliver campaign materials and programs to partners.  But it doesn’t stop there.  It also needs to foster a collaborative relationship with your partners to encourage and support joint lead generation and sales efforts. To accomplish this, channel teams need a robust and comprehensive… Read more »