Lead Generation Tactics to Start Today

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  Lead generation is one of the most important and one of the most difficult aspects of marketing. Many companies and marketers using the same tired tactics are receiving very little return for the effort and/or investment. By studying the current digital landscape and the campaigns that have experienced real success, however, we’ve been able to… Read more »

6 Skills for Great Content Marketing

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    Content marketing is about creating and distributing dynamics material, driving the prominence of your site and brand as well as encouraging profitable customer action. To do this, your content needs to address the customer’s pain points. Once it’s published, it must promote itself, snowballing in terms of exposure and impact. Content shock is a myth. There… Read more »

Why Channel Marketers Need a Seat at the Creative Table

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  Guest Blogger Contribution by Cameron Avery at Elastic Grid. Get your channel marketing team involved in the campaign creation process to get more partners on board. Recently, when I attended a roundtable summit, the topic of campaign creation came up. Specifically, the creation of assets to be leveraged on marketing platforms to drive top of… Read more »

How to Build a Successful Channel Partner Program

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The term ‘channel partner program’ is often met with confusion or misunderstanding. What does that really mean and how does an organization create a channel partner program that really works? A channel partner program is a business strategy that vendors use to encourage value-added resellers, managed service providers, consultants, system integrators, equipment manufacturers, or independent… Read more »