Why Strategy Comes First When Developing Your Marketing Plan

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    As we all know, building a home without starting with blueprints is all but impossible. The same would be said for creating a marketing plan. And just like a strategy must be created in building a home, creating a marketing plan is no different. Strategy must always come first when developing a marketing… Read more »

Measuring Success with an Email Newsletter

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  So you’ve decided that an email newsletter is right for your business. It can be a powerful marketing tool for organizations, helping to inform subscribers about new developments as well as cementing your brand identity. However, simply putting out a newsletter without gathering feedback and data about its performance makes the process a shot… Read more »

Simple Steps to Increase Followers on LinkedIn

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  While LinkedIn can be one of the most productive social platforms for businesses, its effective usage is often a mystery to its users. This also applies to that most basic and imperative of actions – acquiring followers. Inexperienced companies and their LinkedIn page managers regularly use that same ineffective method employed by Twitter users… Read more »