Nearly 40% of companies have a major analytics talent gap, according to the Online Marketing Institute. Leadit Marketing employs top analytics talent to help you quickly understand and improve the effectiveness of your entire marketing program — from your website and events to social media, emails, blogs, telemarketing and beyond.

Our clients range from emerging startups to Fortune 1000 enterprises, all of which suffered from one or more reporting and analytics challenges including:

  • Difficulties identifying which campaigns are driving revenue, so you can make smarter marketing investments.
  • Spending more time waiting on reports than acting on them.
  • No time to continually monitor and react to the data you do receive.
  • Lack of a reporting strategy that clearly defines what numbers matter most to your business and your stakeholders.
  • Too few resources to create the reports you need, despite having a great analytics and reporting platform.


Better insight and data to make smart decisions.

Our experts work with you to build and execute the right reporting and analytics strategy for your business. We help you:

  • Define the right metrics to measure based on your unique marketing programs and business goals.
  • Build the best reports using your preferred analytics engine — or we can recommend the right solution for your needs.
  • Measure the entire customer journey across every campaign and tactic, so you can better understand what incentivizes your customers to buy.
  • Discover which marketing activities turn into revenue, so you can justify your spend, plan and execute smarter, and gain confidence from your business leaders.
  • Continually analyze and optimize your marketing programs based on what is working and what isn’t.