Updating Your Marketing Plan: How Well Do You Know Your Buyers?

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  Marketing plans aren’t static documents. The best ones are dynamic and responsive. It’s a best practice to be updating a marketing plan every year if not more often, or at least reviewing the plan with respect to significant changes in product, strategy, competition or customer trends. In this article, I focus on that last… Read more »

6 Pro Tips To Get The Most Value From B2B Marketing Automation Platforms

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  When we talk to users of various marketing automation platforms we find that the biggest inhibitor to successful deployment of B2B marketing automation platforms is lack of an effective strategy. The second biggest is failing to recognize their full range of available features and potential uses beyond the usual email campaigns. If this sounds… Read more »

How to Use Influencer Marketing for B2B

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  When most of us think about Influencer Marketing, a Kardashian or other celebrity comes to mind, and it’s generally in the consumer product marketing space. While some of the fundamental principles are the same, influencer marketing for B2B companies requires a deeper understanding of your customers, and a lot more planning and finesse. Here’s… Read more »