3 Steps to Getting Started with Marketing Automation

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  Marketing automation can streamline your B2B marketing efforts, including email marketing, lead nurturing and reporting, but only if you have a marketing automation platform that aligns with your marketing strategy and you know how to use it. It sounds silly as I write it, but these are often the areas our clients struggle with… Read more »

B2B Marketing: How To Do It Right!

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When you’re a business that sells primarily to other businesses, you need to employ different marketing tactics than if you were selling to the average consumer. B2B marketing is targeted to specific industry niches and involves a much longer and more complex buying process. These basic techniques can help you connect with your business audience… Read more »

It’s time to graduate from simple email marketing and move on to marketing automation

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  Marketing is a fundamental component for most businesses, but not all campaigns are successful. But why is that? Converting leads and establishing long-term customer relationships can be difficult without the appropriate tactics. This is why marketing automation is a beneficial and powerful tool for marketers. It breathes life into traditional marketing techniques that aren’t… Read more »

Do you have the right content marketing partner?

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To find the right content marketing partner, marketers need to analyze four critical areas when developing their content marketing plan.  Strategy Before you get your content marketing strategy off the ground you need a plan. But there are a few things you need to determine first. Who are attempting to reach? What are their pains?… Read more »

STOP the Pursuit of Marketing Perfection

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GE management has recently stated that they would rather spend $30 million to release an imperfect prototype of a new product and gather customer feedback, rather than spending $300 million for a completed product. This example shows a shift in focus from delivering a perfect offering to an emphasis on speed to market and ability… Read more »

3 Simple, But Often Missed, Demand Gen Tips

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Over the years the many challenges associated with Demand Generation haven’t changed much.  There have always been skilled sales people that just weren’t selling, but assumptively thinking that it was the market they were in. While hot markets will come and go, the skills to effectively generate the demand for your product remain the same…. Read more »

Dirty Little Secrets About Content Marketing

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The vast majority of B2B marketers are developing content as part of their marketing mix. They must be….right? There is an exorbitant amount of information in regards to content marketing everywhere these days. If you do a search on google for “content marketing” you’ll get a billion search results. Yes a billion results, which is… Read more »

Should You Be Using Polls For Demand Gen?

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A study recently conducted by Corporate Visions polled more than 440 marketing and sales professionals. The study showed that the biggest problem marketers are facing is generating sales-ready leads. The study also showed that only 20% of marketers had confidence in the effectiveness of their B2B demand gen program. The remaining 80% pointed to a… Read more »