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Despite the many efforts of companies to prepare potential buyers to purchase, some of them just get hung up along the way and need to be helped through the process.  Lead nurturing is an effective way to keep your potential buyers engaged and funneling through the sales cycle.  The key to effective lead nurturing is to provide content for your potential buyers that keeps them engaged.  Effective lead nurturing will enable you to build a strong brand and solution preference well before your prospects enter the buying cycle.

Whether you are new to lead nurturing, or struggling your way through it, you too can create an effective lead nurturing strategy by accomplishing the 3 simple goals listed below.

  1.  Stay In Contact:  It is of the utmost importance that you receive permission to stay in contact with your prospects!  Without achieving this goal it will be extremely difficult to accomplish the next few goals listed below.  If your prospect loses interest they will slowly detach by either unsubscribing, or ignoring your messages altogether.

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Many companies know that content marketing is an important part of their company’s success, but wonder how they can make it more effective.  The answer…  Know your target audience!  The more familiar you become with your potential customers the more specific your content can be directed towards them.

Customers come with different wants and needs making it difficult for many companies to focus on a select few within their customer base.  Many businesses deal with this issue by breaking their customer base down into smaller niche groups to better understand their demands.  One helpful tool companies are using to help gain a better understanding of the needs of these groups is to create personas.  The question when developing customer personas is where exactly do you begin?  Take a good long look at some of the customer research that you’ve done over the years.  This will hopefully help you in answering the next few questions below which are essential answers in order to create well-rounded customer personas!

  1.  What is the marketing demographic information regarding each of your customer personas?  How well do you actually know each of your customer personas?  It is important to dissect each persona in order to get to know them better.  If you’re selling to B2C, becoming familiar with the personas age, gender, income, and family status may be helpful.  However, if you are targeting B2B customers it is more important to understand their position, their buying power, and the pains they experience doing their job.  This is basic information, which will give you a start in getting to know your customer personas.
  1.  What are their motivations?  What exactly is it that drives your customers to make the decisions that they make?  Are the motivated by want or need?  Are their decisions dictated by values or desire?  What exactly is it that brings these customers joy?  Finding out what it is that sparks your customer personas will help you better understand how to energize them about what you have to offer.  This will enable you to create content for your customer personas that will connect directly with them and what they want.
  1.  What is holding them back?  One of the great benefits of content marketing is that it provides a stage for you to reach out to your personas.  If for example there are things that are either scaring or frustrating them you have an opportunity to reach out and solve these issues before they become bigger problems down the road.  As you continue to get to know each persona it is important to find out what exactly it is that holds them back.
  1.  How are they getting their information?  Customers are becoming more and more savvy making information a vital part of any decision.  Where exactly are your personas getting their information?  Are they getting it from the web, or are they possibly still utilizing tools such magazines or the newspaper?  Finding out where they obtain their information enables you to know how they can be reached.
  1.  How do they prefer to interact?  When establishing a content strategy it is important to consider how you plan to reach out to your customer personas.  Each persona may have a preference of how they like to interact with your company.  While some may like a well-versed explanation regarding what you offer others may like a brief summation so they can get on with their day.  By understanding how to spark interaction from your customers you may not only be drawing them in initially, but also driving them to keep coming back.

Answering these seemingly simple questions while developing your customer personas can either make or break your content marketing endeavors.  Equipped with this vital information you can create a targeted mix of content addressing both the wants and needs of each customer persona.  This interaction will engage your potential customers better preparing them to be funneled successfully through the buying cycle.