Everyone, and here’s why. According to Salesforce.com, 76% of buyers prefer different content at every stage of the buying lifecycle. They’ve already decided if you “get them” or not by reading your content, before they ever speak to sales.

Start with an accurate picture of who your buyers are and what they care about — so you can get the best return on your marketing investment.

Our clients range from emerging startups to Fortune 1000 enterprises, all of which suffered from one or more challenges including:

  • Lack of consensus around who to target and what messages will resonate with them.
  • Subsequently poor results from marketing campaigns, and an overabundance of underperforming content.
  • Marketing campaigns that follow the “spray and pray “approach with little or no alignment to the buyer and their purchasing lifecycle.
  • “Mix and match” messaging that tries to do too much — and ends up confusing or overwhelming your buyers.
  • Spending too much time talking about the solution, instead of connecting with the buyer, their pains, and the benefits they desire.


Better Insight into Buyer Needs and More Qualified Buyers

Don’t have the time to build personas yourself, or aren’t sure how to get started? Our buyer persona services include:

  • Listening to your buyers by conducting indepth interviews with your customers, sales reps, and subject matter experts to truly understand your ideal buyers and influencers.
  • Validating our findings through third-party research and interviews with your customers.
  • Building unique personas for each of your buyers  covering who they are, what they care about and the challenges they are trying to solve.
  • Understanding what influences your buyers by uncovering common questions and objections you will likely encounter throughout the sales cycle.
  • Aligning sales and marketing to make sure your cross-team is properly aligned to your buyer needs. You need to know when they are ready to talk to sales and when they are not!
  • Insights into who influences your buyers, how they self-educate, and even the best content to influence them at every stage of the buying cycle.