Does Your Marketing Stack Up Against Your Competitors?

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  With digital marketing constantly evolving and changing, no company should be content and just sit back and continue status-quo marketing. Customers tastes, preferences, and ways of consuming information are constantly changing, therefore the technology and implementation of a marketing strategy should be a constantly evolving craft. Top marketers are agile and actively adapting in order to stay… Read more »

Are Your Marketing Skills Gaps Holding You Back?

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  Marketing is one of the most dynamic fields to navigate. Not only does it demand powerful creativity and a superior skill level in areas ranging from design to data crunching, but it is also constantly evolving. The internet and social media have definitely contributed towards this evolution. For these reasons, eliminating marketing skills gaps… Read more »

3 tips to make sure your sales presentation is resonating with buyers?

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  In the B2B world, sales presentations can be one of the most effective tools for convincing buyers to purchase your product or service. However, many companies often struggle to create strong and effective sales presentations. It’s not uncommon to hear of companies or marketing teams abandoning presentations because “they are no longer effective.” The… Read more »

Tips for Marketing on a Small Budget

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  As a small or medium business owner, you will likely find yourself with a limited marketing budget. As a result, it’s important to incorporate a strategy that makes effective use of the funds available and leverages inexpensive or even free techniques. Thankfully, there are a wealth of tactics that fall into these categories. Here… Read more »

Why Strategy Comes First When Developing Your Marketing Plan

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    As we all know, building a home without starting with blueprints is all but impossible. The same would be said for creating a marketing plan. And just like a strategy must be created in building a home, creating a marketing plan is no different. Strategy must always come first when developing a marketing… Read more »

Simple Steps to Increase Followers on LinkedIn

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  While LinkedIn can be one of the most productive social platforms for businesses, its effective usage is often a mystery to its users. This also applies to that most basic and imperative of actions – acquiring followers. Inexperienced companies and their LinkedIn page managers regularly use that same ineffective method employed by Twitter users… Read more »

Grow your following and build strong relationships with a guest blog program

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  Maintaining a blog is one of the most important aspects of growing your engagement with your target audience. An active blog can establish a business as a reliable industry thought leader, while attracting people to your website on a regular basis. Guest blogging can help you expand your reach and grow your audience.  In addition, it will also help you form relationships with… Read more »

Understanding Buyer Personas

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  In marketing, it’s imperative that you understand your prospective buyers’ goals and motivations. Buyer personas – also known as marketing personas – are distinct, fictional representations of potential customer groups. These personas define typical behavior patterns, goals, skills and attitudes along with fictional details that bring each customer group to life.