Top Channel Partner Marketing Trends to Watch for in 2016

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  Channel marketing has emerged as a vital B2B marketing strategy. Those companies effectively employing this tactic have seen increased flexibility and attractiveness to a wider scope of partners – naturally resulting in greater profits. However, channel marketing can be quite challenging to those not versed in the process. Also, larger organizations will typically have… Read more »

Why Account Based Marketing Should Be In Your 2016 Strategy

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  Account based marketing, also called smarketing, or sales marketing, is one of the biggest trends in B2B marketing in 2016. Essentially, it is a marketing strategy designed to target specific accounts (or companies), that are essentially prime business targets. Through personalized marketing campaigns, marketing and sales teams are able to reach, influence and convert target accounts.

What C-Suite Execs Read Every Day [Social Data]

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  Guest Blogger Contribution by Carter Hostelley, CEO of Leadtail. C-Suite executives are all about the big picture. That means having a strategic perspective, while staying aware of market and technology trends that may impact their business. But that’s not all. These executives must also be strong leaders and embrace an entrepreneurial mindset. No wonder they get… Read more »

6 Skills for Great Content Marketing

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    Content marketing is about creating and distributing dynamics material, driving the prominence of your site and brand as well as encouraging profitable customer action. To do this, your content needs to address the customer’s pain points. Once it’s published, it must promote itself, snowballing in terms of exposure and impact. Content shock is a myth. There… Read more »

The Secret to Great B2B Marketing: The Content Marketing Audit

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Marketing in today’s world involves more than just writing a catchy slogan and having a memorable logo. Content is king in the digital realm, and sharing helpful knowledge and assets that have real value to your target audience across so many different channels can be an overwhelming. Which begs the question: How can I keep… Read more »

It’s Marketing Planning Season: A Few Things to Consider for Your Next Marketing Plan

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  Summer isn’t quite over yet, but as a B2B marketer this is usually about the time I start working on next year’s marketing plan. Truth be told, I’m totally type-A and a planner by nature!  I like to start early so I have enough time to research new trends, analyze past results and understand goals being set… Read more »

Stand out from everyone else. The importance of your messaging strategy

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  Effective marketing is simple, consistent, compelling, and persuasive. The easiest way to make that happen is by developing a great messaging strategy. Effective messaging outlines what your company does and how it differs from the competition. A messaging platform should serve as the foundation of everything you write from elevator pitches, web site copy as… Read more »