How to Integrate Your Inbound and Outbound Marketing

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  There is an ongoing debate among marketing professionals about the effectiveness of inbound marketing vs. outbound marketing. While that in itself is certainly an important consideration in allocating marketing budget, both inbound and outbound marketing are necessary in any marketing plan. We’ll look at what each one means, how they are used, and the best… Read more »

5 Reasons Big Brands Hire Small Agencies

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  Increasingly, big brands are looking to smaller agencies for many or all of their marketing needs. Assuming this strategy is simply an attempt to gain ‘cool points’ with the public would be very misguided. The larger brands have simply discovered what mid-sized and smaller organizations have know for quite a while – small agencies offer… Read more »

What’s All the Hype About Predictive Analytics?

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  By now, most business owners are aware of sales and marketing automation software and how they can streamline the customer acquisition process. However, there’s still a major chasm between the two. Bridging that gap has long proved difficult, but that’s all supposed to change thanks to an emerging new technology: predictive analytics. Chances are that you’ve at least heard… Read more »