When and How Retargeting Works Best

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  You may have heard of ad retargeting and have some idea what it’s about. If you’re wondering whether it could be a good solution for your business, here is an overview of when and how retargeting works best, and the different kinds of retargeting strategies that digital marketers are using today.  

Ten Strategies to Align Marketing with Sales

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  There’s a classic conflict between Sales and Marketing teams at many companies, where each tends to undervalue the other’s contributions to revenue growth. If allowed to fester unchecked, this mutual antipathy works against the best interests of customers, the company, and the individual adversaries themselves. It doesn’t have to be this way. Here are… Read more »

Extend Your Reach With B2B Digital Marketing

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  Digital Marketing Mostly Started with B2C Digital advertising has been a longtime favorite tactic of B2C marketers, with its ability to draw on your browsing behaviors to serve up ads that always seem to display just what you’ve been looking for. While B2B Businesses Spent $$$ on Traditional Ads with Diminishing Returns This has… Read more »

The 5 Pillars of Successful Demand Generation

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  Smart marketers take a strategic approach to demand generation. Sales may be about getting your leads to choose you over your competition, but demand generation can reposition your product or service to be the only solution to their problem, eliminating the competition pretty quickly. If your goal is to increase pipeline and revenue, focus… Read more »

If you’re not retargeting, you’re losing money.

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  If you haven’t already taken your B2B marketing into the digital age, now’s the time. In fact, 67 percent of the B2B buying process happens online, making your digital marketing strategies of the utmost importance if you want to drive new business. What’s even more staggering, 98 percent of people visiting your web site… Read more »