Leveraging 2017 Marketing Technology For Higher Sales

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    The old, catch-all CRM system is becoming ancient history. The 2017 marketing technology landscape relies on so many new channels and different types of touch points with customers, that an all-in-one system is usually not enough. But what mix of automation platforms will best serve your organization’s unique needs? Here’s a brief survey… Read more »

Email Design for Higher Conversions

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    Email offers are still the favorite and most reliable way to reach and convert B2B buyers – if you can manage to flag, grab and then hold their attention long enough. That’s a big IF, though. With the average attention time spent on marketing emails being 15-20 seconds, the marketer’s biggest challenge is… Read more »

Demand Generation: Do You Have Enough Leads To Meet Your Revenue Goals?

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  The marketer’s job today is to attract and engage using multiple media channels, from billboards to SMS geo-texting and every kind of digital or mobile strategy in between. Here’s how you can use the latest version of the industry-leading model, Sirius Demand Generation, to reach those discerning B2B buyers most likely to want to… Read more »

Why Integrated Marketing is the Key to Your Success

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If you’re marketing for B2B today, you know that one tactic alone won’t be the silver bullet. It’s the collection of all campaigns and tactics working together. Successful integrated marketing strategy starts with a committed brand focus, including a differentiated position, a compelling messaging platform with unique messages to critical audiences, and a savvy integrated… Read more »

My Top Marketing Tools for 2017

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  If you’re in marketing, you probably share a common impression that new marketing tools are being introduced at a rate akin to the U.S. birth rate – about one every eight seconds. Even if you love what you’re already using, the fact that so many new features and products are being introduced so often… Read more »

6 Marketing Metrics That Really Count

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  A lot of marketers pay close attention to marketing metrics that measure the results of specific campaigns: clicks, opens, likes, follows, comments, and similar kinds of engagement actions. However, these don’t always measure the bottom-line results that you expect – hope –  will show up in company profits. When you report to your CMO,… Read more »