The Power to Grow at Every SaaS Stage

Leadit has a marketing solution for every stage of your B2B SaaS company’s growth, tailored specifically to the needs of you, your team, your growth stage and your target customers

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Marketing for fast paced tech start ups in never
a one-size-fits all approach.

Yet so often B2B SaaS companies will look to accelerate growth the same way through
every stage in their growth cycle.

Here at Leadit we leverage our expertise in the B2B SaaS market to build demand generation strategies that are specific to moving businesses into each new growth stage of our SaaS Maturity Model.

With this tailored approach, we help SaaS companies to:

Fast track the building of your demand generation engine
Grow at the speed that makes sense for your business
Refine the way your marketing team works and measures campaign performance against companies goals
Focus marketing efforts on specificand measurable expansion goals

How Fast-Growing B2B SaaS Companies Work with Us

The Custom Approach Your Unique Business Needs to Grow

We Build

6 months

This is the most popular way to work with us. Our campaign-in-the-box model moves you from scattered messaging and content to a clear strategy for demand generation, all delivered by the Leadit team of marketing experts. Leadit leads the strategy and execution of your growth campaigns by bringing together 6 unique skill sets to guide the campaign strategy, content strategy, creative execution, marketing execution and reporting of your integrated marketing campaigns

We Help
You Build

6 months

For the companies who already have the team and talent but just need the strategy, you can leverage the Leadit expertise for the demand generation framework and plan that your team can successfully execute. We customize our templates to accommodate your unique business, and train you on how to move from strategy to creative. Then we help bring your sales and marketing teams into alignment with planning and reporting so you can see that strategy at work.

We Guide


For marketing leaders and teams who want to benefit from the vast B2B SaaS experience of the Leadit team but who want to build it themselves, you can do one-on-one coaching intensives with Leadit’s founder, Shannon Prager. We coach on the common issues facing today’s CMOs, including:

  • Go-to-market advisory
  • Team planning
  • KPIs and reporting
  • Tool planning
  • And the ever-changing needs of SaaS marketing teams

We Consult On
Specific Needs

Project based

When companies have a very specific need, Leadit can deliver. Consulting engagements typically include:

  • Messaging and brand development
  • Message integration
  • Lead lifecycle management
  • Team and resource planning
  • Reporting across the company
  • GTM Strategies

Who We Work With

SaaS Founders | CEOs

Marketing & Sales

Investors | VCs | Private
Equity Companies

Leadit’s SaaS Marketing Maturity Model

Our custom demand generation playbook guides SaaS marketing and sales teams at all levels of marketing maturity to grow and achieve scale.

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Stage 1:Reactive Stage 2:Organized Stage 3:Digitized Stage 4:Connected Stage 5:Intelligent

What is the SaaS
Maturity Model?

Leadit’s SaaS Maturity Model looks at the various stages of B2B SaaS company growth, each of the unique challenges within those stages, and the level of marketing maturity companies typically reach with each one.

Why is it

Understanding the marketing maturity stage your SaaS company is in allows us to help you make more strategic and informed decisions for your growth. We narrow our focusin on exactly what your company needs from a demand generation perspective to move you to the next stage of SaaS growth.

How does Leadit use
it to drive strategy?

Your SaaS marketing maturity growth stage drives so many, often overlooked, factors in your business. We focus on the things that will move the needle the furthest at the time it makes the most sense for your business.

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