It can cost a fortune to find and train top marketing automation talent, and short-term help is even harder to find. Consider supplementing your team with LeadIt Marketing experts, instead.

Our clients range from emerging startups to Fortune 1000 enterprises, all of which suffered from marketing automation challenges including:

  • Short-term spikes in demand that have your automation team drowning
  • No in-house marketing automation experts at all
  • Difficulty finding and attracting top marketing automation talent
  • Leads that aren’t properly scored and prioritized or don’t make it to the right sales team for follow-up
  • Web forms that are too difficult to build or aren’t performing well
  • Frustrating and lackluster campaign reporting abilities
  • Difficulty knowing what content to send to which contacts
  • Great segmentation, nurture, and lead scoring ideas, but no technology or in-house expertise to implement them.


Instant Automation Expertise

Our automation experts are happy to take the lead or compliment your existing marketing automation staff. No matter what role you ask us to fill, we are here to help you:

  • Define your requirements and build your lead management workflow, including lead scoring and nurturing, all using the demand generation waterfall methodology.
  • Evaluate marketing automation vendors to select the best technology to meet your needs and long-term marketing plans.
  • Manage your data strategy, from targeting and list segmentation to data cleansing.
  • Automate and deploy your marketing campaigns, from developing and testing campaigns to building automated nurture and follow-up programs.
  • Set up automated workflows for managing, scoring and leads so they make it to sales at just the right time.
  • Measure the results by using closed-loop reporting to continuously optimize campaigns to get the best results.
  • Train your team to help you more easily on-board new employees, or turn your automation generalists into experts.