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With Your SaaS Go-To-Market Strategy, You’re Never One and Done

With Your SaaS Go-To-Market Strategy, You’re Never One and Done Whether you’re launching a new SaaS company, updating your SaaS brand, or launching a new feature, product or service there are several very common missteps that all point to critical areas of misalignment in fast-growing SaaS companies. At Leadit, we help tech and SaaS companies build digital marketing strategies that work now and build foundations for better marketing tomorrow. Along the way, we’ve seen a few common problems plague SaaS brands at every stage of their marketing maturity, such as: Failing to understand customers in the ways that matter most…
Shannon Prager
February 18, 2022
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Widen Top of Funnel Marketing and Generate More MQLs

  Guest Blogger Contribution by Brain P. Hession, President and Founder of Oceanos As marketers, we are in constant pursuit of an increase in the number of marketing qualified leads (MQLs). We understand that it starts with a strong top of funnel. The programs we initiate need to produce leads from an audience that can be nurtured into a pool of viable MQLs. If not, conversion rates suffer and, more importantly, we waste resources on misguided opportunities. In response, we have embraced account-based marketing (ABM) as a means to ensure investments are aligned to the optimal audience. (more…)
Shannon Prager
August 18, 2015