“What Are The Trends To Watch In Marketing Tech for 2018?”

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  Data-driven insights into what’s driving more Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs), Sales Qualified Leads (SQL), and how best to optimize marketing campaigns are just some of the many areas where machine learning is revolutionizing marketing. Machine learning, also known as Artificial Intelligence or AI, is disrupting a lot of our old familiar digital marketing strategies…. Read more »

How to Create a Channel Marketing Program Your Partners Will Love

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  Successful partnerships are the cornerstone of many B2B companies and having an effective channel marketing program is essential for long-term sustainable success. A channel partner program is a business strategy that companies use to encourage partners to recommend and sell the company’s products and associated services. Essentially, it’s a clever way of extending a company’s… Read more »

Measuring Success with an Email Newsletter

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  So you’ve decided that an email newsletter is right for your business. It can be a powerful marketing tool for organizations, helping to inform subscribers about new developments as well as cementing your brand identity. However, simply putting out a newsletter without gathering feedback and data about its performance makes the process a shot… Read more »

Top Channel Partner Marketing Trends to Watch for in 2016

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  Channel marketing has emerged as a vital B2B marketing strategy. Those companies effectively employing this tactic have seen increased flexibility and attractiveness to a wider scope of partners – naturally resulting in greater profits. However, channel marketing can be quite challenging to those not versed in the process. Also, larger organizations will typically have… Read more »

Why Channel Marketers Need a Seat at the Creative Table

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  Guest Blogger Contribution by Cameron Avery at Elastic Grid. Get your channel marketing team involved in the campaign creation process to get more partners on board. Recently, when I attended a roundtable summit, the topic of campaign creation came up. Specifically, the creation of assets to be leveraged on marketing platforms to drive top of… Read more »

How to Build a Successful Channel Partner Program

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The term ‘channel partner program’ is often met with confusion or misunderstanding. What does that really mean and how does an organization create a channel partner program that really works? A channel partner program is a business strategy that vendors use to encourage value-added resellers, managed service providers, consultants, system integrators, equipment manufacturers, or independent… Read more »

Measuring Success in Channel Marketing Programs

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  Channel marketing involves many moving parts. Taking a product from materials and manufacturing to distribution and sales involves numerous teams and steps. In addition, there are many companies partnering to form beneficial marketing channels, empowered to make deals and ultimately, sales on behalf of your company. As a result, it can be understandably difficult… Read more »

10 Ways to Evaluate Channel Marketing Management (CMM) Platforms

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    Effective channel marketing management (CMM) requires channel teams to have a dedicated program and methodology designed to deliver campaign materials and programs to partners.  But it doesn’t stop there.  It also needs to foster a collaborative relationship with your partners to encourage and support joint lead generation and sales efforts. To accomplish this, channel teams need a robust and comprehensive… Read more »

Demand Generation Challenges: Making the Most of Your Channel Programs

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  Generating demand for your products or services requires a multi-pronged approach. You must first raise awareness and recognition of your brand, which can be supported with an increase in marketing tactics. Ultimately, with repeat business and further exposure, your sales should improve quite noticeably. This all helps to shape a self-perpetuating cycle of expansion…. Read more »