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Infographic: Strategic Demand Generation for the Modern B2B SaaS Company

Infographic: Strategic Demand Generation for the Modern B2B SaaS Company As a tech company, what is it that you create?  In concrete terms, the answer is simple— software for your customers. But the tech powering your service offering isn’t really what matters most. What matters most is your customers’ needs, your understanding of those needs, and how your product meets them. Getting that message across to your customers is what good marketing is all about. Why is marketing important? When it comes to marketing for B2B SaaS companies in the modern era, it’s critical to master the entire end-to-end journey…
Shannon Prager
June 15, 2022
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Reinvent Your B2B Marketing Strategy To Drive Demand

Your B2B tech customers are evolving every day; is your marketing strategy doing the same?  If your marketing materials haven’t been refreshed in years, it’s time to reinvent your B2B marketing strategy. Meet your customers where they are today, with content that directly addresses the pains they are experiencing right now. Uncover how you can lay the foundation for connecting more deeply with your customers in our eBook: 5 Building Blocks To Driving Demand for B2B Tech and SaaS Companies. Inside you will learn how you can put demand generation expertise to work for your B2B tech organization, keeping our…
Shannon Prager
July 19, 2021