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Infographic: Strategic Demand Generation for the Modern B2B SaaS Company

Infographic: Strategic Demand Generation for the Modern B2B SaaS Company As a tech company, what is it that you create?  In concrete terms, the answer is simple— software for your customers. But the tech powering your service offering isn’t really what matters most. What matters most is your customers’ needs, your understanding of those needs, and how your product meets them. Getting that message across to your customers is what good marketing is all about. Why is marketing important? When it comes to marketing for B2B SaaS companies in the modern era, it’s critical to master the entire end-to-end journey…
Shannon Prager
June 15, 2022
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SaaS Marketing: How to Communicate With Your B2B Buyer Persona

Value proposition, messaging, and positioning are all fancy marketing terms to describe the intention your company wishes to set with your B2B buyer persona. While these three things individually are different, when you weave them together, your customers should walk away with an understanding of: Who you are as a company The value your B2B tech company provides to them How can you help them solve a pain point, in a unique way What your company stands for   This core understanding serves as the foundation for what your B2B SaaS company stands for in the mind of your customer. And…
Shannon Prager
December 13, 2021
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Learn How to Create Connections With A B2B SaaS Messaging Strategy

From sales emails, monthly newsletters, and gated webinars to social media posts, your B2B SaaS organization is sending messages to your target audience around the clock. But, are those messages resonating with your target audience?  Ask yourself: When your target audience is scrolling through social media and reading your newsletters, are they receiving the same core message?  Are the messages speaking to their core pains? Would your target audience classify your messaging as consistent? Chances are, if your marketing and sales teams are not working congruently, the messages your customers consume will vary from medium to medium.  Your marketing and…
Shannon Prager
October 15, 2021
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B2B SaaS Messaging: Stand Out From The Crowd

Effective marketing is simple, consistent, compelling, and persuasive. The easiest way to make that happen is by developing a great messaging strategy for your B2B SaaS organization. An effective B2B SaaS messaging strategy outlines what your organization does and how it differs from the competition. A B2B messaging strategy should serve as the foundation of everything you write from elevator pitches to website copy as well as your marketing and sales materials - to ensure that your marketing efforts are cohesive and effective. (more…)
Shannon Prager
September 28, 2021