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SaaS Marketing: How to Communicate With Your B2B Buyer Persona

Value proposition, messaging, and positioning are all fancy marketing terms to describe the intention your company wishes to set with your B2B buyer persona.

While these three things individually are different, when you weave them together, your customers should walk away with an understanding of:

  • Who you are as a company
  • The value your B2B tech company provides to them
  • How can you help them solve a pain point, in a unique way
  • What your company stands for  

This core understanding serves as the foundation for what your B2B SaaS company stands for in the mind of your customer. And in a challenging time, they are on full display for all to judge.

Your target audience is changing every day- we saw this happen overnight with the pandemic. When your customers are changing, so must your marketing strategies. Stay updated on the latest B2B SaaS marketing tactics by tuning into our webinar here.

The Three SaaS Marketing Musketeers: Value Proposition, Positioning, and Messaging

Value proposition, positioning and messaging: All of these words used interchangeably cause confusion about the real value of each. 

Leave it to SaaS marketers to do something confusing.

  • Value proposition is the promise you make to B2B buyer persona, it is what you want customers to think about your brand.
  • Positioning is one of the most important parts of a persona-based (or segmentation-based) marketing strategy. It drives what you say for specific audiences you want to build connections with.

Messaging is a set of specific statements about what you do and the need you serve to reinforce your positioning and connect back to your value proposition.  Think of it as the middle of positioning and B2B content marketing.

Value Proposition                              

How do you want customers to think about your product or services?  How will you deliver this in the form of a promise?

  • What pain do you serve?
  • What need do you fill?
  • What makes it different from other offerings?
  • What’s the value it brings to someone generally?

Reflects a subset of the value proposition.  For example, you “position” yourself in a very specific way to a very specific segment of your audience.  Common positioning strategies map back to the target marketing strategies we covered earlier:

  • Demographic
  • Psychographic
  • Geographic
  • Behavioral

Messaging is a subset of positioning and is the art of what you will say to your specific customer segments using their language and their pains to build a bridge to your offering.  It’s how you combine value prop and positioning.

Messaging can be further segmented into messaging strategies including:

  • Core messages
  • Storylines
  • Hooks

Who Are You?  What Your B2B Content Marketing Says About You.

History shows that every crisis reveals clues about a company’s character. Crises surface important insights into a company. How you manage and recover from a crisis reveals your organization’s values.

A company’s values drive the behavior of its employees and clarify its purpose as a company. A company that has strong values and honest relationships with customers, for example, likely shares those same values with their employees and their community.

Thankfully, history shows that all crises come to an end. How companies come out is largely dependent on their core values (their truths).


Pillars of an Effective B2B SaaS Messaging Strategy

Knowing your customer deeply

(Target Marketing)

  • Who can benefit from your help the most right now?
  • What are your customers struggling with today?
  • What can’t your target audience do without your help?

Delivering a message that is about them 

(B2B Content Marketing)

  • What are you in a unique position to help them solve?
  • How can you make their situation easier?
  • What will they be able to do once you help them?

Owning what you do well

(Value Proposition | Positioning | Messaging)

  • What do you do better than most?
  • Why is it important to a customer?
  • What value do you bring that no one else does?

Once you have your messaging strategy defined, you have the building blocks to begin developing your B2B content marketing strategy.

If Your B2B SaaS Message is Hurting You, We Can Help.

Take a quick, but hard look at your messaging. Place yourself in your customer’s shoes:

  • Can you identify your value proposition, positioning, and messaging? 
  • Are your marketing activities sending your customers the messages you are intending to send? 

Whether you are looking to adjust your messaging to suit the current times or wanting to redefine your communication strategy, we can help. Book a 30-minute consultation with our B2B marketing experts to learn how you can clearly articulate your company’s purpose to your B2B buyer persona.

Shannon Prager

Shannon Prager

Shannon Prager is a recognized B2B marketing strategist and the President of Leadit Marketing. At Leadit, she is responsible for partnerships, business development and the strategic direction of the company. A marketing leader with 25 years of B2B demand generation and marketing experience, she understands the importance of a fully developed integrated marketing strategy from marketing automation to end-to-end marketing operations. Follow her on LinkedIn (@ShannonPrager) for her take on the latest and greatest in B2B SaaS marketing.