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FAQs You Probably Have About Your B2B SaaS Marketing Strategy Right Now

As a B2B SaaS marketing agency, we have an inside look at how companies are thinking and the types of concerns and questions keeping them up at night that impact their future growth and reputation. 

At the core of those questions, we run into a common denominator: how they shift their marketing and sales strategy at this time. The most successful companies are pivoting these 5 core elements of their B2B SaaSsales and marketing strategies:

  • Target Marketing
  • Content Strategy
  • Value Proposition, Messaging Platform
  • Sales and Marketing Alignment
  • Integrated Marketing and Campaigns

It’s not a matter of IF (anymore), it’s a matter of how, and how quickly.

Here is an inside look at some of the questions we hear most, but we’d love to hear more from you. How can we help you answer some of your tough questions?

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What Are Some Tips to Stay Agile During A Crisis?

I’ll tell you what we have been doing for clients and what we’re doing inside our agency. I think it can be replicated in a way that just makes sense for how your team performs “planning”. 

We used to do quarterly planning, which mapped to monthly planning cycles and we would basically stay in a monthly planning cycle to produce our content and campaigns. That has had to shift a lot because we need to react at the moment and that moment isn’t monthly anymore.

We’ve shifted to two-week planning, and we’re starting to have some key themes that we’re mapping to. We use those two weeks to execute and then come back and do the same cycle again for the next two weeks.  That seems to keep us relevant and closer to the pain.  We all know, it changes daily.

I’m a bit more focused on what makes sense at this time. It’s allowing us to incorporate new things that we’re either learning about products or services that we’re bringing into the market. It is also allowing us to communicate whatever is most important for that client to communicate.

It’s also allowing us to bring in new things as we see fit, but not necessarily be focused on the entire plan at once. 

For example, we’re adding and improving weekly right now so we are moving faster knowing we don’t have to have it all figured out at once.  Agile marketing is the official term for this.

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What is the #1 Thing I Should NOT Be Doing Right Now?

I would say if you’re operating by the playbook that you used before all of this hit, that’s probably something you should not be doing. 

Don’t send the same emails, the same messages; do not act as nothing has changed in the environment. That is the rule of thumb I’m giving people. I cover this more in our upcoming content marketing blog. 

I would say that the companies that are coming at me and trying to prospect and are pushing “what they sell” versus “understanding where I am”  leaves a bad taste in my mouth. It generally leaves a bad taste in any consumer’s mouth. 

Messages like that end up hurting your brand in a time like this more than helping it, which makes the importance of shifting your message really important. You have to find a fine line of balancing what needs you’re serving today and how to deliver that in a really empathetic and thoughtful way to your customers at a time when they’re trying to figure things out on their own as well. 

If you need help connecting with customers during this time, do not hesitate to reach out for a free marketing consultation.

Shannon Prager

Shannon Prager

Shannon Prager is a recognized B2B marketing strategist and the President of Leadit Marketing. At Leadit, she is responsible for partnerships, business development and the strategic direction of the company. A marketing leader with 25 years of B2B demand generation and marketing experience, she understands the importance of a fully developed integrated marketing strategy from marketing automation to end-to-end marketing operations. Follow her on LinkedIn (@ShannonPrager) for her take on the latest and greatest in B2B SaaS marketing.