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What C-Suite Execs Read Every Day [Social Data]

By December 22, 2015July 11th, 2022No Comments

What C-Suite Execs Read Every Day [Social Data]

Guest Blogger Contribution by Carter Hostelley, CEO of Leadtail.

C-Suite executives are all about the big picture. That means having a strategic perspective, while staying aware of market and technology trends that may impact their business. But that’s not all. These executives must also be strong leaders and embrace an entrepreneurial mindset. No wonder they get the cushy offices and fat paychecks, right?

So what does the C-Suite read every day to win in the marketplace (plus keep their jobs)?

Top publications on the executive reading list

The Leadtail team turned to social media for insights into this very question. Specifically, we analyzed 98,079 public tweets from a combination of 1,713 CMOs, CFOs, and CIOs active on Twitter to see which publications they shared most in August.

What did we discover?

C-Suite executives prioritize prominent business and news publications such as Forbes, Business Insider, Fortune, and The Wall Street Journal. They also turn to TechCrunch, Mashable, Wired, and Fast Company to keep an eye on the latest technology and innovation stories. And reading publications like Harvard Business Review, Inc., and Entrepreneur help high-ranking execs keep leadership skills up to date.

Here are the twenty publications shared most often by C-Suite executives on Twitter.


How can you use this social data?

If you aspire to join the C-Suite or sell to executives, you’ll want to add these publications to your reading list so you can:

  • Gain insights into the topics and issues that top executives are focused on
  • Get on the radar of company leaders by referencing and sharing relevant articles
  • Engage the C-Suite in conversations about what’s buzzing in these top publications


Bottom line: tapping into the C-Suite reading list may not get you an invitation to the board room right away, but it sure will give you a better idea about the conversations going on inside it!



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Shannon Prager

Shannon Prager

Shannon Prager is a recognized B2B marketing strategist and the President of Leadit Marketing. At Leadit, she is responsible for partnerships, business development and the strategic direction of the company. A marketing leader with 25 years of B2B demand generation and marketing experience, she understands the importance of a fully developed integrated marketing strategy from marketing automation to end-to-end marketing operations. Follow her on LinkedIn (@ShannonPrager) for her take on the latest and greatest in B2B SaaS marketing.